In a completely unsurprising move, Valve announced that Operation Vanguard will be extended from the original end date of February 10th, 2015 until the end of March. The Operation pass is now also half-price, not that the Operation’s page reflects that yet. Now a pass costs $2.99 USD / $3.79 CAD (from $5.99 USD / $7.49 CAD), though don’t forget to check the Steam Market for the occasional person dumping their spare ticket for a good deal. If you buy the pass now, you will have access to the full backlog of available missions, so you’ll have more than enough available to get a gold coin if you’re willing to put in the time for it.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

How to tell if a Counter-Strike Operation will be extended:

» every previous Operation (except for Breakout) was extended at least a week

» no word from Valve to map makers to ensure their next submissions are in

» no blog post from Valve until late on the original scheduled end date

My CS:GO Operation Vanguard Gold Coin
My CS:GO Operation Vanguard Gold Coin

Even though I was pretty darn certain that Operation Vanguard was not ending, last night I still logged in to cram a few more missions for the paltry drops. Vanguard allowed us access to just a few missions at a time, with more unlocked as we beat them and after a timer. One mission unlocked for every four days. If you bought the extra mission packs available within Vanguard — Maghreb and Eurasia Theater — then you’d unlock an extra mission per four day period per extra pack. That sounds more complicated than it should be, I know.

I wasn’t constantly running up against the mission limit since I bought the pass back in November and immediately forgot about it for a while. I did the same thing with my Operation Bravo pass back in August of 2013, and that led to me not buying Operation Breakout or Phoenix at all. Oops. My Bronze Operation Bravo coin continues to taunt me with “Operation Time Logged: 14 Minutes”. At least it’s right next to my 5 Year Veteran Coin so I feel slightly better about myself. And 5 years? Where’s my “Pre 1.6 coin” Valve?!?!? ps: bring back riot shields, mwa ha ha.

I had grand plans to keep track of which gun I received from which mission and how much money I made selling the crap and the cases to see if the pass was able to pay for itself in a literal dollars and cents way. Regardless, I feel that I got my money’s worth from the random fun I had trying the new maps — I love Season — and playing modes I usually ignore (looking at you, Demolition). I did the missions, but I did not keep track of anything at all. Maybe next time!

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