Failing Reading Comprehension 101


This was not the Monday morning I expected. I woke up at ass o’clock convinced that something was either already or about to be on fire. It’s not a great way to wake up, lemme tell you, but far better than not noticing something wrong! Oh, and yes, I do have working fire and CO2 alarms, but they did not go off. There was no way I was going to get back to sleep until I found the source, so I spent near an hour literally smelling everything in the house. It wasn’t coming from outside. My PC hadn’t melted (and was off, anyway). My two little lamps weren’t roasting anything. The ceiling lights were off and not dusty. Not the fridge or the stove or, thankfully, any of my gaming consoles. As I became more awake, I could smell it less. Must have carried over from a dream, I guess*.

I did manage to get back to sleep again, but was up a little after 5am and got only snatches of sleep thereafter. Then, just to make my blood boil, Ben pointed me to THIS. That link points to a video, and that video declares that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are now Aliens.

ASDGSDLJSDJSKLJASDHASNO. I had to register my own little protest and then bitch to Mr. Goodfellow once the niceties of the day were barely out of the way.

Troy: morning
Jenn: hihi
is murdering michael bay really a crime?
Troy: Probably not, but what did he do now?
Troy: hahahahha
Jenn: I mean what the freakin' <redacted>. C'mon!
Troy: If they are aliens then they don’t have to be mutants and are not turtles. And, depending on their planet’s orbit, might not even be teenaged.
Jenn: CORRECT, SIR. And that took you all of 20 seconds and, iirc, you're not even a TMNT fan.
Troy: Not a huge one, no. Saw the cartoon, of course.
Jenn: I need to look at something pretty. Ahh, better.
Troy: pretty creepy you mean
Jenn: PSH.

By the by, I’m an Uta No Prince-Sama fan. Even though the girl has Hypnotoad eyes, the rest of the show is a lot of fun and the PSP games are neat. That is not a topic for today, however :)

There’s more on the TMNT story at Viocom’s blog about the Nickelodean upfronts.

After an earth-rattling sizzle reel of his greatest hits – from The Rock to Pearl Harbor to the Transformers trilogy – Michael Bay gave the crowd a first look at the previsualization – filmmaker speak for a 3D, digitally animated storyboard – for Ninja Turtles, Paramount Pictures’ live-action reinvention of the franchise set to hit theaters next year. “We want this film to have the impact of a Transformers one,” said Bay. If the stunning previs is any indication, Bay is making good progress against that lofty goal in his role as producer. Another tidbit he offered up is that the Turtles origin story has been updated, from the decidedly 80s radioactive waste accident to an alien planet. The “teenage mutant” remains intact, however, for the brand-new CG-animated TMNT series debuting on Nickelodeon this fall – good news for those of us who grew up in a time when the names Leonardo and Donatello were more closely associated with pizza and kung fu than art.

And I thought that the awful Turtles in Time remake was the worst thing that could happen to the turtles (I choose to pretend that Coming Out Of Their Shells does not really exist, even though I owned it. It’s a better world this way!). Alas. At least we’ll always have the originals!!

* continuing with the dreams + smells thing. I woke up at 5am absolutely desperate for some hot dogs and eggs and I couldn’t understand why. It felt so familiar. Heck, EVERYTHING that has happened this morning kinda ties into dreams I’ve had in the past. I was talking to mom about last night and I mentioned my new craving. I decided to ask whether we had ever done hot dogs in shapes with eggs before, because that was what I wanted to make for breakfast. Lo, we did! Apparently, back then, I was super picky about bacon texture and consistency and, in her words, “wasn’t worth the headache, so you got hot dogs instead.”


2 thoughts on “Failing Reading Comprehension 101

  1. TheEggplant

    Eh, As I said earlier I don’t see this having the appeal of Transformers the live-action movie. Honestly the Turtles lost it when Archie comics kiddified them, which granted is how we were first introduced, but compared to the original Eastman/Laird B/W series its all been kind of down hill. I really hope the rumours of a Rocksteady game are true. That has the most potential for a really good experience.

  2. justarb

    Ninja Turtles? No-one watched that silly show anyway, so what’s the big deal? And I don’t know that space-alieny-things would actually be ninjas – they might be ninja-ish, but hardly ninjas. Indeterminate-aged Space-Alien Quasi-ninja Turtley-like-things does have a ring to it though…

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