Rewarding Incompetence


You are rewarded for Sony’s incompetence. Sorta. You know, minus having your credit card compromised, your passwords out in the wild, PSN being down, and the comedy of errors to come out of their HQ as they floundered about figuring things out. But, surely, FREE GAMES FIX ALL!!1!

Ugh. Seriously. The Sony Defense Force refused to see that Sony’s internal policies just might have contributed to how far the hackers got through, and how quickly. For those of you wise enough to not spend far too much time going through gaming blogs and forums: the SDF are convinced that Sony can never, ever, ever do any wrong. They remind us mere mortals how lucky we are to be allowed to use their products. This is their mission on the internet.

I can’t seem to pick out which articles I should link for the many,
many Sony hacks, but I highly recommend the Ars Technica coverage
if you want to catch up on the specific details

Gamers are pretty fickle anyway. One of my favourite ‘case in point’ examples would be the Modern Warfare 2 Boycott Group on Steam. Oopsie. This will be forgotten — as if it isn’t already — and Sony will be attacked again, now that everyone knows how vulnerable/clueless they are, and people that chose to trust them again with real information and credit cards will pay the price. It sounds like I’m picking on Sony here, I am. They went after GeoHot, thus pissing off the hacker community and bringing way more attention to his efforts than he could have ever imagined, and didn’t think there’d be some sort of retaliation?? Really??? It would be like Vancouver not expecting a riot when the lost the Stanley Cup. OH WAIT. Yes, there’s stupid everywhere.

Anyway, North Americans still get free games and I encourage everyone to get online and grab your free hideous theme, two PSP games, and two PS3 games. Take a peek at the Welcome Back options.

Q: How do I access the content in the Welcome Back Program?
A: Follow the steps below to access the content in the Welcome Back Program:
1. Log on to PlayStation®Store
2. Click on the “Welcome Back” tab in the upper left menu
3. Select “Welcome Back Free PS3™ Game 1”
4. Within the category, click on the “Welcome Back Free PS3™ Game 1” product and “Get Now”
5. Select your free PS3™ game*, and “Download”*
6. Repeat steps 3-5 with “Welcome Back Free PS3™ Game 2”
7. Go to the XMB™ to play your free games.

The PS3 selection includes:

Dead Nation
I don’t do horror. No comment here.

Pretty solid if you don’t own it already.

Everyone has this, right? If you grab this, it uses your existing saves without issue and you can give your disc to a friend.

Super Stardust HD
Not my cup of tea, even free. I know I’d not really play it.

Wipeout HD + Fury
Also great if you are a series fan and don’t have it already.

PSP people get to choose from:

LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
Uhh, I hear it’s alright, but I don’t think I’d want this and the PS3 version.

ModNation Racers
It is what it is. Want a kart game? Go for it. Handy for short play bursts.

Pursuit Force
Not yet played it.

Killzone Liberation
Also not my cup of tea. Not a series fan.

You have until July 3rd, 2011 before this offer expires. Here’s what I picked for mine: Wipeout HD + Fury, Little Big Planet (this let me give my disc copy to my Mom. She’s very happy about this), ModNation Racers since I wanted it earlier but didn’t want to pay full price, and Pursuit Force. PF just seems to be completely ridiculous enough that I might enjoy it :)

2 thoughts on “Rewarding Incompetence

  1. TheEggplant

    Things don’t really change. These are the same people who would pledge unending fealty to a lord in days of olde. Why? Because they are just better then the rest of us. Sony is going to have to change their overall attitude or they are going to get buried next time around. Until then, well, I’ve got Shadows of the Damned on the way, so yeah not helping.. *mumble mumble*
    Already have Infamous and LBP disc versions (and no other friends with PS3) so I grabbed Wipeout and Dead Nation. I like Twin Stick shooters but the Super Stardust demo didn’t impress me.
    I choose LBP and ModNation on PSP as well having refused to buy at release because it used online pass(Mod not LBP). I can’t decide if this makes me a hypocrite. The PS3 version is fun, except for the load times. The LBP level of DLC is annoying though.

  2. Killzone Liberation isn’t the worst thing I could have picked (like you put it, I didn’t want 2 LBP’s), it’s just… awkward. Like someone wanted to make a classic Metal Gear style game but thought it’d be cooler to add duck and cover based combat over real stealth. Maybe I shoulda done Pursuit Force…

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