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This shouldn’t be so hard. Actually, it shouldn’t be hard at all! I’m ditching my Live sub when it expires this week and all I want to do is make sure it’s not renewed. Can I do that? Not online. Not through my still-online Xbox 360. No no no. I have to call them. This is 2008 and I have to call them to cancel an online service. I can even claim to understand that but I cannot fathom why I have to call back only during PST business hours when I can call for an Xbox coffin any hour of any day (or, you know, do it online). I can’t even change my credit card information on my Xbox nor remove it in any fashion. I do NOT want that information on there. I think I re-subbed last year in a hurry so I could play Crackdown or Forza or something with my friends but should I ever go back to Live in the future — let’s face it, I’m a geek and a gamer and it’s highly likely — it’ll be with prepaid cards, only. What a frustrating joke.

Some quick browsing shows I’m not the only one in shock over this ridiculousness! The latter entry even took parts II and III before being resolved. I will make darn sure that my card is removed from their system whether or not they blacklist it for as long as I have the card. I’m actually angry over this. Ok, I might be angry about this and some other things but this was supposed to be a simple task I could cross off my massive list of things to do in the next 48 hours and instead it’s going to be a massive pain. I would have been totally screwed had I left this to the night before the automatically set and otherwise unchangeable renewal date :(


  1. Sounds about as bad as the problems I had when I had gotten rid of the credit card that I had used for my account and Live tried to renew my account against it and suspended my account. You’d think I could just update the credit card through the console and have it try to charge it again. Oh no, I had to call them and explain several times that I don’t have the card anymore and need to have them use a new one. The sad part is you’d think they would have contacted me after the first attempt failed or even once the account was suspended, I didn’t find out any of this until I tried to sign into Live and was already suspended.

  2. This happened to me, fortunely my credit card had just expired. I was so happy never again will I give Microsoft my card info.

  3. What exactly are you guys afraid of? I don’t think Microsoft is in the habit of posting your CC info in the web anywhere or are you afraid they are going to get hacked into?

    Sorry to hear your leaving Jenn, guess I’ll see you on the other side……

  4. It’s just that old instinct. You say I can’t do something? Watch me ;)

    I might be back sooner rather than later but I have no idea. I’m moving pretty soonish and I need to work out all the usual stuff involved with that, which makes getting my consoles online being less of a priority since I have to focus on health and school first. I missed my chance to call them today so I’ll have to have a go tomorrow. I’ve been working from older information so I could be pleasantly surprised when I do get through!

  5. I can understand the frustration. To most people it would make absolute sense to be able to access your information for an online account using the internet. That would be like not being able to pay your cable internet bill online.

    Personally I’ve never understood the whole subscription thing anyway. PC gamers have been playing games online against each other for free for ages (besides those ebil ebil MMO’s). And even now, some Wii games offer online capability for free (Super Smash Bros. Brawl). And (i’m not totally sure) the PS 3 also offers it for free.

    On another note, i am kind of surprised that you haven’t covered anything about XNA or the new Community Games section of XBox Live in your blog (perhaps due to the previously stated frustration?).

    I’ll stop now before this turns into a soapbox-style rant.

  6. “It’s just that old instinct. You say I can’t do something? Watch me ;)”

    Okay, you can’t come down here and visit me sometime:)

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