First Monday of the Fall Semester


I’m actually having a truly wonderful day despite the fact that I have three stitches in my mouth. However, I’m trying to work on my site and talk to my friends (IM and IRC) and this is incredibly difficult with catastrophic data loss going on. I got back to Windsor yesterday afternoon and the dentist gave me these 600mg Ibuprofen pills for the pain and to keep the swelling down. I will admit that the only time I feel any pain from this experience is when I totally forget to take them for half a day (I can take one every six hours). Hopefully it’s healing as well as I think it is! I also have to remember to take smaller bites so I don’t tear anything. That would be bad, m’kay.

Right, Cogeco. They suck. Actually, most of the time they are pretty good and I’ve had some very nice service reps when I arranged for the move into residence and when it stopped working the day after they hooked it up here. But the service guy they sent for the hookup and the subsequent repair is a total dick and I hope they don’t send him again. I noticed the net was super duper slow this morning but didn’t have time to deal with it since I had an early class. After my two classes today I was finally able to call them since the situation hadn’t improved. We went through all the basic reboot the modem stuff and they discovered that almost no data was getting through to me. They admit that with all the installations going on around residence at the start of the fall semester that someone did something wrong and they’ll send someone out to fix it. On Friday. Gee, thanks. I’m on my tablet on school wifi right now but there are reasons I wanted to pay for a real connection. I like IM and IRC and Xbox Live and having an upstream that’s faster than mailing something to my parents to upload for me.

Classes were awesome. Glad I spent last week getting up early for no reason other than practice since getting up today for my early class was a piece of cake. Psychology as a Behavioural Science is the most popular class at Windsor. Seems that half of all new students sign up for it. I did not know this before this morning but I can now see why. Aside from the inherently interesting subject matter Prof. Cramer is awesome. The fact that he reminds me of John Tartaglia is pure bonus! After that was a stupidly expensive $5-something waffle at Vanier and Music Fundamentals with Prof. Palmer. I met Prof. Palmer over the summer and I was thrilled to get into his class. He’s just such a nice guy and makes what can be really dry theory fun. I already know that I’m going to learn more from this class than I did reading theory books and doing worksheets on my own over the summer. Tonight is a floor meeting in the our wing’s lounge and I’m knocking on wood that it goes well so I can complete the day and file it away in the “90+% awesome” category :)

4 thoughts on “First Monday of the Fall Semester

  1. Eric

    Glad to hear classes are going so well for you Jenn, always helps with learning when you are enjoying them. As for your internet connection, that really has got to be a bother, especially if you are paying for it. They need to get it fixed and fixed right as soon as possible for you. And if I was you I would ask for some kind of restoration for the time you have lost due to it not being done right. They admitted it was their fault, so they need to give you something back in my opinion.

  2. C’mon Josh! Have you never listened to Paul Simon’s music? ;)

    Eric, they’re being jerks so far so I gave all the info to my mom so she can complain for me. I bet they give me free time after that so they never have to deal with my mom again!!

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