Jenn Cutter started gaming with an old Intellivision lying around the house and has not stopped since. OpenAlpha was created out of the desire to share her love of gaming with more than her semi-uninterested friends. The first episode was released on July 20th, 2005 and almost instantly amassed an international following that grew exponentially over the next sixteen episodes. OpenAlpha’s popularity led to regular appearances on Call For Help with Leo Laporte. Jenn has appeared on G4TechTV, CP24, HowTo Australia, and TVTokyo. She’s also contributed to This Week In Tech, Hak.5, and Three Moves Ahead.





Jenn on Three Moves Ahead: Final Fantasy Tactics

 Final_Fantasy_Tactics_Logo"At long last, console games are coming to Three Moves Ahead. Michael Hermes and Jenn Cutter join Troy "Zodiac" Goodfellow to talk about Square's 1997 Playstation game Final Fantasy Tactics. Listen in and learn about chocobos, time mages, and questionable translations." I had a blast recording this episode with Troy and Michael last October. I used to spend waaaaaaay too long recreating my friends, down to their birthdays, as party members and gain the JP necessary to assign the Jobs I thought they'd be best at. Oh, and I guess there was this huge story of political intrigue and how doing the right thing tends to get you murdered in Ivalice. As much as I enjoyed the PSP upgrade with the new translation, my heart will always belong to the original PS version.

Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good

gbTINYNot much to say here, just showing off (yet again) how much I loved the first Ghostbusters game on Xbox 360. <3. With Harold Ramis gone, I'm sad we'll never get a proper sequel, but I'll continue to cherish how much of a blast I had with this one! It's probably best that I never kept track of how many hours I spent in each difficulty level -- hey, it was easier to cause less damage with less ghosts, okay! -- and then the bonus hours spent in multiplayer, despite all the bugged achievements. They are fixed now, or so I'm told, but I'm not gonna re-up my Live subscription just to get those last few points.... or so I keep reminding myself not to.