Gravity Ghost Pre-Order

Even though Gravity Ghost looks exactly like a game I will be extremely terrible at, I really want to play it! I even broke my own ‘no more pre-ordering games’ rule to take advantage of the $5 off going on until approx. 12 hours from this writing. Tick tock, eh.

I wish I decided to pre-order before the Canadian dollar tanked, of course, but it was still slightly better than paying full price with a tanked Canadian dollar. Gravity Ghost screenshotThis will be one of those things that looks easy right before I start flipping tables, isn’t it? It probably is. If you’d like to see me flip some tables while playing Gravity Ghost, please follow

I broke everything.

As you may have noticed, I broke pretty much everything you could break on a server and then put off fixing it for, oh, months and months and months and months. It wasn’t that I didn’t know how to fix it, oh, wait, it was — FIXED NOW THOUGH!

Super huge thanks to my best friend that kindly stopped by to help without once saying, “Uh, why did you do <stupid thing here> in the first place???” Much appreciated, seriously. Now it’s up to me I decide how much of the old database I feel like trying to save and put back here.

Piczle Lines

I never thought I’d write about an iPhone game, let alone one I actually liked. The best part? Free. Want more of it? There’s another free puzzle pack to download. Still want more? Now you’ll have to toss 99 cents for 20 more puzzles at a time.

I’m not big on a lot of puzzle games. In my family I’m the sole person who can’t stand sudoku since I greatly prefer word-based games like Bookworm*. Sometimes these games irk me thanks to my occasional lack of patience and sometimes an unrealistic learning curve just makes things worse. Piczle Lines has a wonderfully smooth curve and the applause upon completing a puzzle is surprisingly satisfying.

Piczle Lines puzzles uses a very simple concept: coloured numbers are positioned across the board and the player must connect matching numbers with lines that are the exact number of grid spaces long. My biggest beef with iPhone games are usually the controls. I tried playing the official Mega Man II port but, uh, no. It just felt so awkward since I love the original. Simple games are the games that work best on the platform since they are designed specifically for the phone’s limitations and dragging a line to connect two dots with your finger is a piece of cake. Well, it’s easy when you connect the right dots. As the difficulty increased there would often be a close group of several 5s and I’d have to play around to make sure I connected them correctly, redoing the lines as other sections couldn’t line up around them without adjustments. I never felt that a puzzle was unfair and the autosave let me pick up wherever I left off when someone called.

*As a public service announcement, do not pick up the DS Bookworm version. It’s awful. As nice as it is to use the stylus, they make no allowances for lefties and even the free internet version kicks its butt all over the place. This entry took forever to write merely because I got distracted by it. Again.

things I know I should not do but keep doing anyway

That will be the title of my autobiography one day. Mine and a lot of people’s, I suspect.

Things I Know I Should Not Do But Keep Doing Anyway: the story of every boring, unsuccessful person ever

It would sell zero copies, have no reviews on Amazon (Canadian or American), and just be two thousand pages of lists of crap. A completely meritless study in mediocrity. * cough * I might be working too hard these days and I’m a little grumpier for it! It’s only January 7th and I would have sworn that it was the 30th, at the very least.

My brother was over during his Christmas break and we had fun just hanging out, doing nothing, and eating extremely poorly. He’s moving farther away than ever before shortly, so I’ve been extra sure to take advantage of every opportunity to watch hockey (AHL, Spengler, World Juniors), hit the ice, or game together. Or me to stay up all hours of the night to pick up his drunken behind from a party on the other side of the city. This is what you get when you swear to your brother that you will always give him a ride when he’s drunk, no matter when or where: you get to laugh your ass off at your drunk brother talking smack about the world and playing loud music. Not a promise I’ve ever regretted making! Well, not for longer than a sleepless day later, anyway!! Good times ^_^

Since this sibling relationship is gonna be long-distance in the near future, we’ve been on the lookout for new games to play. I don’t have Xbox Live Gold right now, and that’s fine since there’s nothing co-op we are remotely interested in right now. He re-upped his World of Warcraft subscription as a trial run, but I stayed away. I’m still not sure I have the self-control to have a WoW sub and not have it be the only game I play. We might give Dragon’s Nest a shot (through Steam). We sorta liked Spiral Knights back in the day, but the energy system is most annoying and DN looks to have the same limiting factors, even though we enjoy the dynamic combat. He doesn’t have a PS3. He only has a laptop that seems to want to set itself on fire when running anything more complicated than a browser, so that’s a limiting factor on the PC side. I’d love him to play some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Team Fortress 2 with me, but could be a tough sell. He was huge into Enemy Territory back in the day as the world’s most badass engineer. I think I can get him into TF2 simply because of the engineer class, so that’s my next pitch to him. I will avoid explaining the crazy Hat-based economy as long as possible.

This is why, as you will soon see, I am extremely disappointed that neither of us like Borderlands 2. We almost outright hated it. My brother is off on a business trip this week, but when he’s back we’ll compare notes and try to make sense of all that went wrong. Remember, we loved the first one, broken as it was. I wrote a dozen posts about it!

He’s not into racing or finding a game to play together would be simple! WoW remains a possibility since there have been a trillion changes since either of us have played seriously, and Blizzard doesn’t delete inactive characters. This will let me twink us out with some better-than-nothing starter gear and, at the very minimum, some non-sucky bags. He prefers to play Death Knight while I am a Druid for life, yo. Actually, I was a kick ass Shadow Priest back when that was a thing, but I don’t have a clue about any of the trees now and what works or ends in tears. Neither of us raid; we just kind of tool around, accomplishing nothing. I used to spend a lot of time in Battlegrounds. A lot. I was even a Knight-Lieutenant, for those of you old enough to remember when those ranks existed. Apparently they are back now.



kicking things off in style

But not too much style.

This year I spent the last hours of 2012 in the excellent nerdy company of Troy Goodfellow, Jon Shafer, and Kay Fedewa in downtown Toronto. Despite leaving heading across the Gardiner to the late hour of 9pm, there was next to no traffic. I even got to laugh at all the people standing outside in massive bar lines. Given the option between hanging out at a bar/club or someone’s home, the home wins every time! Double bonus when there’s readily available and affordable parking!!

Yes, yes, I know that transit was free on NYE, but I don’t live close enough to any subway or bus station to make it worthwhile. I’m not much of a drinker, anyway, since I’m just as happy sipping on ginger ale all night! Also, this way I get to have my own stereo-blasting personal space and avoid going all ‘Canadian Ninja’ on overly enthusiastic revelers ^_^

We had a very quiet evening — mostly offline except for random YouTube music — and talked about nearly every aspect of gaming. This, I assume, surprises nobody. What did surprise me was not seeing a single RIDE stop around 3 am when I drove home! It was actually a bit of a weird drive. I felt like I was driving in New York since it was a zillion cabs and then my little car as the only one without roof mounted lights and ads. One of the few things that could have made January 1st, 2013 even better would have been the Leafs/Wings Outdoor Classic. Thanks for nothing, NHL. Fortunately, Canadians showed up big in the Spengler Cup this year and the World Juniors seems to be headed to an exciting finish. Go Canada Go! If nothing else, the lockout has been fantastic for getting me off my ass and on the ice again. Joining two leagues was definitely one of the best decisions I made in 2012!!

I don’t bother with resolutions anymore. I suck at them. Much better to have ongoing goals, right? Well, here are two I’m more than happy to make public:


I even like my glasses! They are light, not fugly, and save me from massive headaches when working on a monitor for many consecutive hours. So why don’t I always wear them at my desk? I have no idea. I get sucked into what I’m working on or reading and don’t take the thirty seconds to locate glasses and resume function. No more! I’m going to make myself pause, save myself the inevitable pain, and then hop back on task. Such a small thing and it makes such a big difference!


Gaming and music and articles and tv and sports and movies and theatre and animated gifs and recipes and whatever… if it makes me happy, it might make you a little happier to know about it, too! ^_^

AWPing the People in Your Neighborhood

Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood?
In your neighborhood? In your neighborhood?
Say, who are the people in your neighborhood?
The people that you meet each day

Before bed last night I was reading the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive forums and flipping through the pages of Sesame Street: A Celebration: 40 Years of Life on the Street: Let’s Abuse Colons Like A Bad Video Game Title (possibly also available at your local library!). It was a nice quiet evening before the massive lightning storm broke out and the heavens opened up. In the rare moments the light show took a break, I got some sleep and had a pretty funky dream, even for me. I mean, just look at the tags on this post. How many other people get to use ‘Sesame Street’ and ‘Counter-Strike’ in the same sentence? :)

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