Jenn Cutter started gaming with an old Intellivision lying around the house and has not stopped since. was created out of the desire to share her love of gaming with more than her semi-uninterested friends. The first episode was released on July 20th, 2005 and almost instantly amassed an international following, growing exponentially over the next sixteen episodes.

OpenAlpha’s popularity led to writing and appearing on Call For Help with Leo Laporte. Jenn has popped up on television all over the place, including networks G4, TechTV, CBC, CP24, HowTo Australia, and TVTokyo. Jenn has also contributed to This Week In Tech, Hak.5, Daily Tech News Show, and Three Moves Ahead.


Because occasionally I do write about things that aren't gaming or media related! But often end up gaming or media related. Oh, and hockey. Definitely some hockey rants.

Dirt 3 Crash Fixes

If you keep crashing your Group B car into trees and cliff faces and other cars, I can’t help you much. I can, however, try to help you get your crashtastic game client functioning again Read more…